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Markham MUN 2023 will be 100% presential, taking place the 2nd and 3rd of December! 


The conference will last two days, the schedule will follow the classic structure with 5 committee sessions in total


The presential MUN will be held at the Miraflores Campus. Each committee will have its own designated room 


We will be awarding the best delegates with a gavel and certificate whilst other prizes will receive a certificate exclusively 


Does Markham MUN accept independent delegates or independent delegations?

This year we are accepting independent delegates, however, we need to be provided with the correct contact info. You must have an adult supervisor at all times as they will be taking responsibility for the delegate(s) attending; this may include filling out documentation not eligible for minors.

Is Markham MUN high school or university level?

We will not be accepting university-level delegates as MMUN is strictly a high school and middle school event. Any university-level delegate will be disqualified from participation.

I would like to participate in the MUN as a delegate; what should I do?

If you’re truly interested in participating, but you’re not sure if your school will go, then you should contact your faculty advisor(s)and convince them about this opportunity! Make sure to let them know any sort of committee preference as there’s an option for that when filling out the form.

When/where should I submit my position papers?

All position papers are due on the 25th of November, so please make sure to submit them by then. You can access both the background guides and the committee’s email by clicking on the 'Committee List & Resources' on the menu bar. However, if you’re having any sort of difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat, whose emails are located below.

I would like to stay updated with news on the conference, where could I find that?

Our Instagram page is already up and running! Here we will be posting updates, schedules, and more with regard to our conference. Feel free to like and follow our page! (@markhammun2023)

Do I have to fill out a consenting document?

Yes, absolutely. In order to participate in this conference, you’ll need either your parent or guardian to fill out the consenting document. This can be found under the ‘Apply’ option in the menu bar.



Markham College, C. Augusto Angulo 291, Miraflores 15048

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